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Lavender has a sweet, soft taste and delightful floral aroma. We love relaxing to the smell of a lavender marshmallow melting into a cup of tea in the morning. These mallows are made with freshly steeped lavender for a delightful floral treat.

Carrot Cake

There's not a better way to get your daily dose of carrot. We carefully blend spices to complement the bright carrot taste so that we can deliver a glimpse of this quintessential springtime snack.


It's hard not to love bees: Not only do they keep the world's plants pollinated, they also go the extra mile and give us honey. We've looked high and low for our very favorite honey for these buzz-worthy marshmallows.


At Wondermade we've always set our calendars to spring when the strawberry harvest arrives. It makes perfect sense if you've ever bit into a ripe just-picked berry - a taste like pure joy.

Rose Raspberry

The brilliant floral notes of a rose are paired with sweet-tart raspberries in these treats perfect for saying "I love you!"


Known for its sweet body and warm aroma, bourbon from the finest of Kentucky's distillers makes a seamless shift into these delicious whisky treats.


Ever wish you could throw back a Guinness™ at work? Now you can! Every marshmallow is made with Guinness™ single stout and sweetened with pure Penzey's™ vanilla extract. Each mallow is rolled in crushed pretzels, delivering a bite-sized taste of awesome.


Now you don't need a fire to enjoy a s'more! We've cooked these layered marshmallows, half chocolate and half vanilla, using only premium ingredients. Then after they cool off we roll them in crushed graham cracker so that you can carry the campfire fun with you.


How many marshmallows come in a box?

We put 16 1"x1" marshmallows in every box. After we cut them to size, we arrange them in a tidy grid, seal them in a plastic bag and finally nestle your mallows into our signature 4.5"x4.5" boxes.

How do you ship your marshmallows? Do they ship well in the heat?

We ship all of our marshmallows via the United States Postal Service. When the weather is warm we wrap your order in insulated bags and include a cold pack to keep the mallows. That keeps them from melting and keeps your orders shipping safe and sound.

What kind of sugar do you use? Is there corn syrup in your marshmallows?

We exclusively use cane sugar for all of our marshmallows. We think cane sugar is the best tasting sweetener around. There are corn syrups made to taste just like cane sugar. Many people cook with them, but they're chemically different. Cane sugar is sucrose; corn syrups are a mix of glucose and fructose in varying percentages. That means they bind to ingredients differently, they cook differently and your body processes them differently. We think their sort of 'different' isn't very good. We prefer being the sort of "different" that's better. It is easier to make marshmallows with corn syrups. But we're in the business of superior marshmallows, not easier-for-us marshmallows. So we're more than willing to take extra steps to deliver extra good mallows.

Where can I buy Wondermade marshmallows?

Right here! Add some to your cart and we'll send them your way! If you're interested in selling our mallows, let us know. We're always looking for great retail partners - if you're interested contact retail@wondermade.com.

Who designed your logo? Who printed your boxes?

We obsess over every ingredient and every step of the cooking process to bring you the best marshmallows around. We wanted someone who cared that much about design for our logo, and someone who cared that much about printing for our boxes. We partnered with Heads of State out of Philadelphia for the branding and design work we needed. Then we took their work to Studio on Fire for their incredible work with their antique letterpresses. They're both remarkable teams and we can't recommend either highly enough.

Made in Orlando, FL / 407-205-9569 / marshmallows@wondermade.com
Made with 100% sweet, magic air